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OnePlus 6 Changing Font Size And Font Style

When you think about customizing your OnePlus 6, changing font style and font size is probably not your first option. But that’s only because you’re not aware of it, right? Many of our readers are quite excited to hear about this possibility and they actually want to know more about it. That’s what we’re going to give you…

In a nutshell, your smartphone has a dedicated Font menu within its settings. If you get to it, you will be able to select an alternative to the default font style and size. The options aren’t quite numerous, in the sense that there are actually 4 main options. But the coolest part is that within the same menu you have the option to download new fonts. This will obviously extend your options a lot more and you might want to get to it sooner rather than later for changing font size and font style on OnePlus 6.


How To Change OnePlus 6 Font Size And Font Style


It all starts at the main menu of your smartphone

  1. Bring up Settings window.
  2. Select the Display menu and go to Font, where you also have your Font Style section.
  3. Underneath the Font Style, you’ll see the 4 fonts that we already mentioned:
    • Chocolate Cooky and Cool Jazz
    • Rosemary
    • OnePlus Sans
  4. Followed by the option to Download Fonts.


Just like with any other default option, when you select one of the four fonts, you get to see a preview of the changes that it will bring. After going through all of them, feel free to try the Download Fonts option as well. Your OnePlus might look even catchier once you master the ropes of adjusting font style and font size on OnePlus 6!

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