OnePlus 6: Changing The Date And Time

The OnePlus 6 will ask you to set the date and time when you configure it for the first time. If nothing else interferes in the meantime, it should show you the correct values for a long time from that moment on. Moreover, it will probably be set by default to check these values from the network.

But what do you do when you need to adjust them, for whatever reasons? If you don’t have a cell phone or a wireless connection, some inconsistencies might occur. And while your smartphone cannot connect to the server to update this information, you’ll have to do it yourself, manually. Do not worry, it’s nothing complicated.


The simple process of adjusting OnePlus 6 date and time:

  1. Turn on the phone;
  2. Extend the Notification bar by swiping it down with one finger;
  3. Select the small Settings icon;
  4. Select the Date & Time menu;
  5. Select Automatic Date and Time if you no longer want it to stay active and be chosen by the network;
  6. Select the option to Set Date and use the arrows you have at hand, to make the adjustments;
  7. Confirm the changes with the Set button;
  8. Select the Time option, adjust it the same, from the two arrows, and use the Set button one more time to save these changes as well.


When you’ve selected the right time and date, you can leave the settings confident that your OnePlus 6 will show the correct date and time from now on.


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