OnePlus 6: Clearing App Data Guide

Did you really think that the only way to clear your App Data is to complete a factory reset? Sure, that will erase all your data, but also all your apps, so, wouldn’t it be nice if you had alternative options on how to clear the app data on the OnePlus 6? The good news is not only that you have alternatives, but that you can also choose between three main options:

  1. First things first, clear the app cache
  2. Second, try to reboot the device after backing things up
  3. Last but not least, try to clear the system cache


What you need to know about the app cache

If you can clearly connect most of your OnePlus 6 problems with running one app in particular, it only makes sense that you investigate that app before anything else. No need to uninstall it, at least not for now, but you certainly need to clear its cache. That app cache will rebuild gradually afterward and the process won’t lead to losing any data, provided you stick to only cleaning the app cache, and not the app data. Here’s what you must do:

  1. Go to Settings and launch the App Manager;
  2. Browse through the App Manager for that problematic app and select it;
  3. Extend the Info Screen of that app and find the Clear Cache option;
  4. Select the Clear Cache button and that’s it.


Note that you also have the option to clear the Cached Data, for the same app. As suggested, this might lead to losing some information that you have saved for that app, like the login credentials, a history of what you’ve used it for, or whatever other data it was designed to store. Also, you have the option to delete the cache for all the apps installed on your device. To do that, you should go to Settings, at Storage, and clear the cache from there.

Just like we specified above, if the app cache refresh won’t bring significant changes, consider backing up all your data and rebooting the phone.


What you need to know about the system cache

For clearing the system cache in particular, you must leave the standard running mode and boot the OnePlus 6 into Recovery Mode. Begin by turning it off and follow these directions:

  1. Hit the keys for Volume Up, Home, and Power, all at the same time;
  2. Hold them until the Android logo is being displayed;
  3. Once you also feel a short vibration, expect to see the Recovery screen loading;
  4. Within the Recovery Mode, the display won’t respond to your regular touches and the Volume and the Power keys are the ones you’ll use for navigation;
  5. Your purpose now is to spot the option Wipe Cache Partition and get to it, starting it with a Power button tap – you’ll also have to confirm when asked to do so;
  6. After the wiping is over, as you’ll still be in Recovery Mode, you must also the option Reboot System Now and use it to return to normal.


When the OnePlus 6 turns back on, its clear cache might or might not reveal the improvements you were hoping for. If it doesn’t, our initial mention of the factory reset might come into play. But until then, you definitely have to try clearing the app data on the OnePlus 6.


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