OnePlus 6: Copy, Cut And Paste Guide

Cut, copy and paste are options that go hand in hand with any text editing operation. Regardless of the texting app that you’re using, regardless of the device itself, the principles are pretty much the same. What makes the difference, however, is how and from where you’re supposed to access those commands.

Because even if you consider yourself familiarized with these actions on a computer, switching to a OnePlus 6 might make it all a little less obvious. Of course, it’s only until you learn how to cut, copy, and paste on your new OnePlus 6, which, by the way, will happen today, with this short tutorial.


How to cut, copy and paste on OnePlus 6, explained step-by-step

As always, we suggest that you think through the process and anticipate the steps you will be required to take. In this particular case, you must:

  1. Select the text;
  2. Use one of the two main options (to cut or to copy);
  3. Go to the place where you want to bring that text;
  4. And select the remaining option, which is to paste the text.


You probably know by now how to select text fragments. What you don’t know is that if you long-press on a selected text, a menu will pop-up at the top of your screen. And that menu will contain exactly the commands you’ve been needing but you didn’t know where to take it from.

Just in case you were wondering, you don’t really need to select the entire text that you want to copy, from the very beginning. At first, you can focus on selecting one word and the menu will show up anyway. At the same time, the selected word will be framed by those colored tabs that you can then tap, hold, and drag to extend the selection as per your desire. After that, you know what you have to do.

As a final note, when you’ve selected the text and the copy or the cut command, all you need to do to bring up that menu in the window where you want to paste it is to long press on an empty area of the writing window.

Aside from the classic options, you might notice the Android share button or the Google Search option accompanied by the search magnifying glass. Play with all that and you’ll get a grasp of it pretty soon. And since you start mastering the selection command, you can also consider copying or cutting blocks of texts, only to edit it in the new window where you paste it. It’s so easy to cut, copy and paste on OnePlus 6, isn’t it?


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