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OnePlus 6 Crashing And Freezing Issue – Solved

Fixing the OnePlus 6 that keeps freezing and crashing should be a priority for you. Even if, for the time being, the episodes are only occasional, you might end up in the situation of not being able to use the smartphone, if you ignore it for too long.

First things first, look for any available software update. If problems persist even when you are running on the latest OS, start looking somewhere else. Where exactly and what for?


Look for… bad apps

Malfunctioning apps can do this to your smartphone more often than you’d think. The best part is that such apps with problems are well-known in the online environment. To see if you might be using one, check up your third-party apps within the Google Play Store. If other users are giving it bad reviews complaining about how it makes their phones freeze and crash, you’ll probably want to get rid of it. You could wait for an update from the developer, but don’t expect it to come too soon.


Look for… memory problems

When we say problems, we don’t really mean the bad or the worst kind of problems. Usually, when the OnePlus 6 hasn’t had a restart in days and it starts to behave this way, you can blame it on a memory glitch. Especially if it does so when you’re trying to use a particular app, consider clearing its data and cache: go to Apps, at Manage Applications, and select the app that has been recently crashing; next, use the Clear Data and the Clear Cache options from there to fix any potential cache memory problems for that app. Do so with other apps as well, if you feel it’s necessary.


Look for… insufficient memory

At times, you might have problems with a particular app and discover that nobody else is complaining about it within the Google Play Store. Under such circumstances, you could suspect that the app isn’t working properly because it lacks certain resources from your OnePlus 6, usually some internal memory. All you can do about it is to free up some space, by removing old media files, unnecessary apps, and other data that shouldn’t really be there. Maybe it will help. Otherwise…


Try to factory reset the freezing and crashing OnePlus 6

Let’s face it, you don’t know what’s causing all this and you don’t know what else to do. You’re probably tempted to ask for a technical inspection. And you might as well end up in there. But before you do that, back up the phone and follow the steps to factory reset the OnePlus 6. If not even this one will help you fix the OnePlus 6 freezing and crashing episodes, take it to a repair center. You’ve tried enough on your own already.


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