OnePlus 6: Creating Folders Guide

Apps and widgets, files, games, or whatever you’ve brought as shortcuts on the Home Screen of the OnePlus 6 will soon enough overcrowd your work space. Don’t let it sit like that, do something about it! Learn how to create folders and organize your device to the point where it’s all neat and a pleasure to surf through. How?


Choose your favorite way to create folders on OnePlus 6:

  • You can begin with just two apps, bringing their icons together, and a new folder will show up on the screen by default;
  • Or you can use the New Folder option, by dragging the icon of only one app at the top of the screen.


Either way, the New Folder window will pop up, you will get the chance to rename it on the spot, and the action will be almost ready. You can stop there, having just one or two apps in your new folder, depending on what option you have chosen. Or you can keep dragging and dropping new apps, right on top of the newly created folder.


To begin creating a folder from just one app…

  1. Go to the Home Screen;
  2. Press and hold an app icon from there;
  3. Drag it towards the top of the screen, without letting go of the selection;
  4. Release the icon to the New Folder option from the top of the display;
  5. Confirm that you’re Done from the keyboard;
  6. Repeat with other app icons.


To begin creating a folder from two apps…

  1. Stop at the same Home Screen main panel;
  2. Select an app icon;
  3. Hold it and, without letting go of it, drag it on top of another app icon that you wish to have in the same folder;
  4. Release it when the icon of that second app expands and takes the form of a common folder;
  5. Type the name in the pop-up window;
  6. Repeat for other icons.


Needless to say, you can create individual folders on the Home Screen o your OnePlus 6 or you can create folders within folders. The process is the same.



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