OnePlus 6: Customizing Lock Screen

The Lock Screen of your OnePlus 6 isn’t supposed to be just an empty dark screen. Judging by all the customization options that it comes with, it only makes sense that it was developed to offer you protection, access to useful information without too much fuss, and an opportunity to look at a beautiful picture while you’re checking the rest of it.

Therefore, widgets are a significant option that you can choose to display on the Lock Screen. We can show you how to turn On/Off the Weather widget, which is one of the most popular widgets for the Lock Screen. The lesson, here, however, is how to customize that screen, period. Go to its settings and you’ll discover all the options by yourself.


To customize the Lock Screen of OnePlus 6…

  1. Start from the Settings menu;
  2. Extend the section with settings for the Lock Screen;
  3. Look at all the widgets listed in there and select one to change its status from Off to On – for instance, you can choose to bring up the Weather box;
  4. Leave the settings with one tap on the Home Button;
  5. Lock the screen to see the newly selected widget already displayed on the Lock Screen.


Assuming you followed our example and selected the Weather widget, you’ll see this dedicated info whenever you light up the locked screen. It won’t just show you the weather, but also the current location. And if you tap it, you will get advanced information, as well as the option to change the location for which you want to receive weather updates.

To make it go away, return to Settings, at Lock Screen, and change the Weather toggle from On to Off. The same goes for any other feature that you can customize the Lock Screen of the OnePlus 6 with.

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