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OnePlus 6 Deleting Logs

Deleting logs on OnePlus 6 is also another trick that is important to learn. Ideally, this involves removing all the logs for the calls you have received and also the calls that you have sent. The feature that saves all the information relating to the calls received or sent is known as the call log feature. In addition, the feature will save the details relating to the particular call including the time you talked.

Not every user of OnePlus 6 is very comfortable with keeping this information on their phone. Therefore, the best alternative would be to clear the information permanently. Here is a guide that you need to follow to delete call logs on OnePlus 6.


Procedure For Clearing OnePlus 6 Call Log Information

  1. Ensure that the phone is on
  2. Open the phone application
  3. Open the Call log which is on the left side
  4. Tap on the button labeled more
  5. Tap on edit


There is a box next to the call records. Tick the particular call record that you want to remove. You can delete all call logs on OnePlus 6 by tapping on “select all”.


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