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OnePlus 6 Developer Options – Enable/Disable Guide

OnePlus 6 came with quite a few novelties but not all of them are standing in plain sight. If you’re a fan of technology and always looking to stay up to date with security updates and advanced features or settings, you might not like the lack of accessibility regarding the developer options. But that’s why we’re here, to show you how to enable Developer Options on OnePlus 6 and take your OnePlus experience to the next level, the level of pros!

In case you still need an introduction, here it is. The OnePlus 6 Developer Options is a hidden menu from your smartphone. Once you manage to make it visible, you’ll gain access to a series of advanced options that will empower you to change some particular settings, to enable USB debugging, and many others.

The first problem that you have probably identified so far is that the menu is hidden. How can you find out where it is? By simply tapping a few times, on the screen of your smartphone, obviously, in the right place!


Here’s What It Takes To Enable Developer Options On OnePlus 6:

  1. Go to the Home Screen;
  2. Launch the Settings menu;
  3. Select the About Device submenu;
  4. Find the entry that says “Build Number” and tap on it 5 to 6 times.


You’ve guessed, the right place where you must tap your phone’s screen to enable OnePlus 6 Developer Options is that Build Number entry from underneath the About Device submenu. After you do that, whenever you bring up the Settings Menu, you will get to see the Developer Options as a new submenu listed right above About Device.

Now bear in mind that just because it is visible it doesn’t mean it is also active. So, the first time when you’ll be doing this, you must also tap on Developer Options to officially enable it. Then you can see the full range of options that come with it and decide what you want to try.


Are You Having Second Thoughts About Enabling Developer Options On OnePlus 6?

Many people would ask, for the right reasons, if they should really activate it since it’s such a hidden menu. The truth is that if you’re not interested in discovering what it has to offer, you’re probably better leaving it that way. But if you’re curious and really want to explore your options, you should know that there’s nothing to stop you from trying it.

Not only that there’s no actual damage in doing so, but you’ll also have access to settings that standard users don’t get to see. Think of the animation scale options, set at 1x by default on your OnePlus 6. From the Developer Options, you can switch it to 0.5x and you’ll notice a significant improvement. And that’s just one cool thing that you can get from this experience!

Long story short, if you were excited enough about this option to read our entire tutorial, go on and follow the steps to enable Developer Options on OnePlus 6!

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