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OnePlus 6 Emergency Alerts Guide

If you don’t have the habit of exploring your OnePlus 6 options in detail, you probably don’t know what these Emergency Alerts are. Nevertheless, if you ever happen to be unlucky enough to deal with one of these alerts, triggered on your smartphone by mistake, you could get really scared.

You’ll hear not only a notification sound that you haven’t heard before but also such a loud volume that you’ll barely stand it! After all, that’s why they call it emergency alerts, to really sound like an emergency and scare you for good.

To make a short introduction to what you’re dealing with, these are notifications that only a few special agencies can send. FEMA, FCC, Homeland Security or the National Weather Service, for instance, can send such alerts to the population, when desperate times and situations require it. Even so, we’ve heard a few OnePlus 6 users complaining that their phones triggered such alerts when it wasn’t necessary.

Depending on their nature, these alerts are divided into Presidential, Extreme, Severe, and AMBER. As you can tell, all of them are well-intentioned yet you might still feel the need to disable them. Note that, whatever you do, the Presidential alert cannot be disabled. For everything else, however, you have options.


How to disable the Emergency Alerts of OnePlus 6, as much as it depends on you?

The settings for these emergency alerts lie right within the settings of your Messages app. Since the alerts are sent and displayed to you through that app, it only makes sense that you tweak its settings to decide what kind of alerts you want to keep and what kind of alerts you should block. Speaking of which, you must:

  1. Launch the Messages app;
  2. Tap its 3-dot icon from the top right, which will take you to the Messages menu;
  3. Select the Settings entry from there;
  4. Select the Emergency Alerts from Settings;
  5. Look at the emergency alerts listed in there and uncheck the boxes of the ones that you want to disable.


Just the same, when you decide to enable those alerts again, retake these steps. You’ll get to the same settings of the Messages app. And this time, you’ll be able to reactivate the emergency alerts on your OnePlus 6. Hopefully, you won’t have to deal with alerts that are triggered by mistake, in the middle of the night.

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