OnePlus 6: Enabling And Disabling Preview Message

The Preview Message is something that all smartphones are offering by default. Your OnePlus 6 is no different though you might not know exactly how to control this option. And just to be clear, the Preview Message doesn’t only apply to the pop-up windows you’re getting on the Home Screen, as a notification in the Notification Shade, whenever you’re working or playing on the phone.

It’s also the pop-up message that shows up on the Lock Screen. This means that even if your device is locked, someone could still get a glimpse regarding the content of your incoming messages, their senders, and so on.

Now, as much as this problem might concern you, the solution is quite simple. If you don’t want to keep seeing those notifications, disable the feature.


Whenever you feel like enabling/disabling the Message Preview option…

  1. Go to the Settings of your OnePlus 6;
  2. Select the Applications menu and bring up the Messages settings;
  3. Tap on Notifications and see where you have the Preview Message feature;
  4. Change its status accordingly, with one tap on its dedicated box;
  5. You can choose to preview a message on the Lock Screen – keep that option ticked if you still want it – or on the Status Bar – same, keep it checked only if you need it.


As you can imagine, from those settings, you can enable both options, disable them both, or keep only one active at a time. Also, you can get back there and change the selections whenever you want.

The privacy of your message notifications will, from now on, depend entirely on you. Knowing how to turn On/Off the Preview Message on the OnePlus 6 will come in handy, through time.

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