OnePlus 6: Finding IMEI Number

If there’s one way to identify your OnePlus 6 without any hesitation, it would be through the IMEI serial number. This lengthy code is a unique code assigned to the device from the factory and the best way to identify it correctly, in any given circumstances.

One day, you might have to report it as stolen or lost and the police will ask you to provide its IMEI – that’s how you prove you’re the owner. Another day you might want to buy a used OnePlus 6 and checking it up in advance, by its IMEI, will show you if the device has been blacklisted because of being reported as lost or stolen by someone else. The list of examples could go on and on but you’re probably already anxious to find out how to spot this number.

The good news is that you can find your IMEI quite easily, regardless if you’ve signed with AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile or Verizon. The options are pretty much the same with any smartphone from any GSM network.


The 3 places where you can look for OnePlus 6 IMEI number are…

  1. The Android system
  2. The original packaging
  3. The dedicated service code


From all these, the Android system itself and the service code are probably the most accessible ones. They both involve using the device and you can do that at any given time, without any kind of restrictions.

To check the IMEI code from the Android system details, open the window with the General Settings of the device. From there, navigate to the Device Information tab and select the Status menu. You’ll see a long list of all kinds of entries, all relating to the details of your phone. One of them is the IMEI serial number, labeled as such.

To check the IMEI code from the dedicated service code, use the Phone app. Open it and switch to the Dial pad, where you must type *#06#. This code will bring up a window with your IMEI code without you having to tap on any other key or do anything else.

If, for whatever reasons, you can’t or you won’t use any of these two accessible methods, hopefully, you have kept the original packaging of the device. The box that your phone was packed and shipped in must have a sticker on it with the IMEI number of that particular OnePlus 6 device. Just go get it, see it, and write it down. Like we said before, you never know when you’re going to need it…

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