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OnePlus 6 Flashlight: How To Use It

From all the useful features you knew your OnePlus 6 can provide, the flashlight wasn’t probably on top of your list. Yet what a pleasant surprise it can be to discover that right when you need it the most, the smartphone can turn into a precious source of light. Even if you don’t see yourself using it that way, for the time being, we strongly advise you to keep this information at hand.

When you know how to use the OnePlus 6 as a flashlight, you’re spared from all kinds of worries. You don’t need to carry a flashlight with you anymore. And you certainly don’t need to look up for third-party apps. All you need is to know where your Torch app is and how to get it started. By the way, the Torch is not really an app, even though everybody is calling it that way.

The Torch is a widget, one that activates your camera LED light and makes it a permanent source of light for as long as you keep it active. It looks like an app, it has its own icon, but it doesn’t bring up any new window when you activate it. It simply performs an action – turning the light on – without covering your screen’s working space in any way.

While the Torch is up and running, the OnePlus 6 will display its dedicated symbol in the notification shade. That’s from where you can turn it off when you’re done using it. But first things first, let us show you how to turn it on.


Simple instructions for OnePlus 6 flashlight

  1. Go to the Home Screen;
  2. Make a firm, long press on it, in an empty area, until you see it shrinking and the three options popping up at the bottom of the display: Wallpapers, Widgets, Home Screen Settings;
  3. Tap the Widgets icon;
  4. Browse through those Widgets and select the Torch;
  5. Drag and drop the Torch icon to an empty area from the Home Screen.


Now that you’ve brought the Torch widget at your fingertip, on the Home Screen of the OnePlus 6, you can turn it on whenever you need, just like you do with any other app. Isn’t it super-easy to use the flashlight on OnePlus 6?


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