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OnePlus 6 Forgotten Pin Password – Solved

How could you possibly forget the PIN password on the OnePlus 6 is not our topic of discussion for today. You’re reading this because it probably already happened to you, so focusing on the how isn’t going to help you in any way. Instead, we are going to give you some hope, as you’re probably scared of the hard factory reset perspective.

Below, you’ll see not one but three options to put into practice and we’re not going to lie to you – one of them might not please you at all. But if you really have to reset your password, you might as well start doing so sooner rather than later.


The only OnePlus 6 password reset option that always works: Factory Reset

We said you have more than one solution but not all of them will work 100%. The factory reset, however, has this main advantage – it erases everything, the forgotten pin included – and even though it leaves you without any data on the device, it is always the fastest and most successful way to deal with a locked smartphone. To begin:

  1. Power off the OnePlus 6 phone;
  2. Tap Volume Up, Power, and Home buttons;
  3. Wait for the Android icon to pop on the screen and release the keys;
  4. Tap Volume Down to navigate;
  5. Select Wipe Data / Factory Reset;
  6. Start the factory reset with one tap on the Power button;
  7. Select Yes – Delete all user data and hit the Power button once again;
  8. Wait for the reset and the restart that will follow it.


Whether you follow these steps or use the alternative OnePlus 6 factory reset option, expect for some kind of data loss. Any previous backup can be restored after the reset, but what you get with it will very much depend on when you updated it for the last time.


The equivalent of Find My iPhone from Android: reset your password with Find My Mobile

Just like the Android Device Manager method from below, Find My Mobile will only work if you have previously registered with them. Hopefully, you did, so that now you will be able to make use of the Remote Controls feature from your smartphone. It will let you create a new password, only available for a short period of time, and use it to regain access to the phone:

  1. You should register your device with OnePlus;
  2. Access the Find My Mobile service;
  3. Temporary reset your password;
  4. Bypass the OnePlus 6 Lock Screen with it;
  5. Set up the new password right after that.


The Lock & Erase option of the Android Device Manager

If the name of Android Device Manager isn’t completely unknown to you, it’s a good thing. You probably have already registered with them and you should now be able to use this service in order to lock your device remotely. The process involves setting up a temporary password, different than the old one (that you have forgotten) – that’s how the ADM is locking your phone. But in this case, you will be happy to do so because you can use the new password to unlock it. Basically, the steps are, in this particular order:

  1. Find another device with an active internet connection;
  2. Access the Android Device Manager page from its browser;
  3. Log in with the data you used when you registered with ADM;
  4. Select your OnePlus 6 from the next screen and tap on Lock & Erase;
  5. Follow the instructions that will set a new password and lock your phone;
  6. Then go get your phone, type the new password and unlock it.


Now that you have solved the forgot pin password problem on the OnePlus 6, make sure you set up a new permanent password immediately!


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