OnePlus 6 Gyro Stopped Working And Won’t Rotate – Solved

When the OnePlus 6 has its Screen Rotation function turned on but the display is stuck in the same position, there’s a problem. Internet pages won’t move from vertical to horizontal display and neither the pictures, the videos, or any other files you’ll be trying to access. At times, it could be a simple inconvenient and, in some situations when the OnePlus 6 screen won’t rotate or gyro stopped working, it could be very frustrating. It all depends on your needs and, of course, it’s essential that you don’t wait to end up in a frustrating situation.

All these considered, the OnePlus 6 won’t rotate problem needs to be addressed as soon as you spot it. By that, we obviously mean to investigate and diagnose the problem. As expected, we do have a clue regarding where these findings might take you, but it’s essential that you get there yourself to fix the screen stopped working on OnePlus 6.


The first thing to do when the OnePlus 6 screen won’t rotate…

Is to check if the gyroscope is still working or not. We have a feeling that the gyro stopped working and you can confirm that in a minute or so. Just bring up the Camera App and see how it displays your images – chances are it will show everything inverted, meaning upside down, from the image itself to your camera menu buttons!

This alone is a pretty clear telltale that the gyroscope or the accelerometer isn’t working. Still, try initiating a self-test as well, by typing this code on the Dial Pad of the Phone app: *#0*#

When you do that, the phone should be able to open the Service Mode screen, from where you can select the Sensors option and run that self-test. If you can’t get to it, most likely your carrier hasn’t given you access to this function. So here is what else you can do to fix gyro not working on OnePlus 6.


To fix the OnePlus 6 won’t rotate problem when Gyro stopped working…

Run the latest software update – if it’s a software bug (and there’s still a good chance that the problem is software, not hardware-related) the update of the operating system could help you get over it.

Perform a hard reset on the OnePlus 6 – this should cover up all the basis for any potential software problem aside from the outdated OS. If your phone is running the latest software with the same screen rotation problems, do the reset.

As scary as the factory reset might seem to you right now, don’t forget that you’re lucky. Your phone is still working well enough to allow you to go to Settings and create a backup from the Backup & Reset menu. That way, after you follow the steps from this guide and bring it to the factory defaults, you will be able to bring back your data. So, nothing should be really lost in the process.

We know it’s tempting to smack up your phone, hoping the screen rotation will work again and you won’t have to go through the entire above. Yet it’s the silliest thing you can do and you’re probably better even if you just stick to contacting your service provider and asking for extra help. Even taking it to an authorized center will be better than hitting your phone.

Read this guide from here, if you need, to see once again that it’s not complicated at all to perform a hard reset. We hope it’s not your only option to fix the OnePlus 6 won’t rotate problem and gyro stopped working. But if it really is, you’re covered with all the right instructions!


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