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OnePlus 6 Hiding Photos Guide

If you have a OnePlus 6, you must also have tons of pictures stored on it. While it might be true that an intruder will most likely get bored trying to surf through it all before getting to the juicy photos, this doesn’t have to be your only protection measure. Instead, play it cool and smart with the Private Mode on OnePlus 6.

It will certainly spare you from any other complications or unnecessary worries. And soon enough, you might start using it for many other files than the photos, pictures or videos that you consider too private to just let them be on your smartphone…

Before we delve into details, please also note that the Private Mode is a built-in option and not just any other third-party app that you thought you’ll have to download to hide photos on OnePlus 6. Moreover, it works with a special password or unlock pattern and it has the power to make entire folders from your OnePlus 6 completely invisible, with just the tap of a button. Want to know more about it?


It all begins by enabling this option readily available on the OnePlus 6:

  1. Access the quick settings of the device by swiping down from top to bottom, on the Home Screen, using two fingers instead of one;
  2. Next, select the Private Mode icon listed in there and have the patience to go through the standard, initial presentation of the feature;
  3. Set up your Pin Code right when you’re asked to do so and make sure you won’t forget it because you won’t be able to access the Private Mode without it, afterward.


Then, it will naturally continue with adding/removing files to it:

  1. After enabling the Private Mode and setting up the access code, you just need to swipe down with two fingers again and tap on the Private Mode icon;
  2. Type in the previously selected pin, so you’ll be officially ready to use it;
  3. Start browsing through your OnePlus 6 to get to the file or files you wish to protect and select it;
  4. When you make this selection with the Private Mode turned on, you’ll see an Overflow menu showing up at the upper right corner and you should tap it;
  5. Finally, select the option that says Move to Private.


When you’re done moving those files to the private folder, suffices to swipe with two fingers once again and tap the OnePlus 6 Private Mode icon one more time. You’ll return to the normal mode instantly and you can check to see if the protected files are still visible. We bet they won’t be and you’re going to love hiding photos on OnePlus 6 with the Private Mode from now on.

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