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OnePlus 6: How To Block Calls And Texts

People who use the OnePlus phone know that they can easily block a call or text on OnePlus 6. The reason for blocking a call or text on your OnePlus 6 can be numerous as a large number of spammers and telemarketers are nowadays approaching people through their smartphones.

The blocking feature of OnePlus is called rejection, therefore, the word “rejected” would be used instead of “block” in the article. The process of blocking calls on OnePlus 6 will be explained below.


How To Block Calls On OnePlus 6 From The Auto-Reject List 
Users can block unwanted calls or texts on OnePlus 6 by using the phone’s app. When you open the app, select “More” that is on the top-right side of the screen with Settings written below it. When you click on “More” you will see “Call Rejection” option on the second number. Now just tap on that option and select the “Auto Reject List”. Here you can easily enter the numbers that you want to block from calling or texting you. Any previous number would be show in the list as well, so you can easily remove the number from auto rejection as well.


How To Block Calls From Individual Caller On OnePlus 6

There is another method as well blocking a call or text from a number on OnePlus 6. You have to open the phone application and then press the Call log option. There you will see the recent calls to your number. Now select the number that you want to block and tap on “More” option on top-right and then click on “Add to Auto Reject List”


How To Block Calls From All Unknown Callers

Most of the people get calls or texts from unknown numbers on OnePlus 6. In order to block these numbers, the easiest way is to go to “Auto Reject List” and then select the option ‘Unknown Callers.” You just have to turn on this option and then you will be free from getting unwanted calls or texts from unknown numbers on OnePlus 6.

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