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OnePlus 6: How To Change Lock Screen

Majority of OnePlus users would surely want to find out how they can change the lock screen on OnePlus 6. Lock Screen is the first thing you see when you start using your smartphone (someone would say “when you open your eyes”) and that is the reason why we think it’s a good idea to add some icons and widgets in order to make your device more usable.

In case you don’t like the wallpaper of lock screen on OnePlus 6, there is a really simple way how you can change that. So, let’s see the instructions, shall we?


How To Change Lock Screen On OnePlus 6

When you enter the settings section and tap on “Lock screen” you will see several different features such as:

  • Dual Clock – If you’re traveling a lot, this can be really useful for you; at the same time it shows current time zones and home time zone
  • Clock Size – Change the size of your clock, make it smaller or bigger
  • Show the Date – the name speaks for itself, in order to make data shown you should keep this checked
  • Camera Shortcut – Unlock the camera of the device instantly
  • Owner Information – It gives you an opportunity to add any type of information on your lock screen
  • Unlock Effect – If you’re creative enough, this can change the entire feel and look of the unlock animation and effect.
  • Additional Info – This option allows users to remove/add pedometer and weather info on the OnePlus 6 lock screen.


How can I change the lock screen on the OnePlus 6?

This process is actually really simple, in case you are experienced user of OnePlus devices you will see there are not a lot of differences between this device and some previous versions of OnePlus smartphones. First of all, press an empty space on the OnePlus 6 Home screen. You will get in the edit mode which allows you to change home screen settings or add some useful widgets, but that’s no all, you can change the wallpaper on OnePus 6 as well. Tap on “Wallpaper” and after that tap on “Lock Screen”.

In case you don’t like the examples of wallpapers you see, there is always an option to choose any picture you want from your gallery. Find the picture you want and just click on “Set Wallpaper”

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