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OnePlus 6: How To Delete Internet Browser History

Every OnePlus 6 owner will like to know how to get rid of browser history on their smartphone. For one reason or the other, you may want to delete search and browser history from your phone. The best ways to delete browser history are discussed below.


Getting rid of browser history on OnePlus 6

The first thing to do is switch on your OnePlus 6 phone and enter the phone browser. When the app opens, click on the three-dot or three-point symbol. After this, the browser menu will appear, tap the “Settings” option. Then search for “Delete Personal Data” that will bring up a list of phone browser history. Here, you will see many options such as wipe out cache, your browser history, site data and cookies as well as an option to delete your auto-fill details.

Once you choose the data you will like to erase on your phone, the process will be completed within some seconds.


How to clear Google Chrome history on OnePlus 6

Google Chrome is another browser that OnePlus 6 owners use apart from the Android browser and the way to clear Google Chrome history is like the one described above. Similarly, what you have to do is tap the three-point or three-dot menu and choose “History” then select the “Clear Browsing Data”.

Choose the particular information and data you want to erase from the Google Chrome app. One good thing about Google Chrome is that you can choose to delete individual site visits rather than everything, so people won’t know you are covering your tracks.


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