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OnePlus 6: How To Find Lost Or Stolen (Solution)

Keys and mobiles are 2 things that people most often lose. When you lose your keys you can hardly find them, but when we talk about the smartphones the thing is a little bit different. You don’t have to worry if you lose OnePlus 6, or maybe if someone steals it from you, there are several different methods how you can find your device; things like Android Device Manager (Find My Android) and some other software can help you.

We’re providing you solutions how to handle this sort of problem.


The fastest method to find your device

If you want to find your OnePlus 6 as soon as possible, these things you should do:

  • Android Device Manager and Lookout are proper tools you should really have on your smartphone.
  • AirDroid is one more app you should install on your device because it allows you to remotely access information and files. Except that, one more advantage is you can use features such as SMS messaging and camera access.


If these apps were helpful, now it’s your responsibility to take preventive measures if you don’t want this to happen again.


How to use Android Device Manager

This app is released in public in 2013, and since then Google wanted to make sure that almost every Android device is connected with it. As you read, we said ALMOST every device, that means it’s better for you to check if this feature is available on your smartphone.

When you go to Settings section, tap on Security and Screen lock and after that go to Device Administrators. When you access it, just enable “Android Device Manager” and there you have it.


Use Loud Ring Mode in order to find your device

If you can see your OnePlus 6, you can definitely hear it. Set up the loud ring mode on your device and if your mobile is near you, there is no reason not to find it as quick as possible. If you have sensitive files on your smartphone you will get options to remotely wipe and lock your device, just make sure to download the Android Device Manager App which you can find on Google Play Store in order to access to the service from other devices.


Use Lookout

Lookout app has a lot of similarities with ADM; it provides you the same options and it helps you to find your device as soon as possible. This app you should install in case you can’t install ADM for some reason.


Find Your Lost/Stolen device

When you decide to find your OnePlus 6 with some other device using the ADM you just need to go to ADM and track your mobile.

With GPS you will be able to track your device, but you will be warned not to try to find a stolen device on your own hand because it can be dangerous (always contact the police). One thing we need to mention, your devices need to be connected to WiFI because only then GPS can track it.



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