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OnePlus 6: How To Fix Disappeared Pictures In Gallery

Another common issue reported by the users of the OnePlus 6 is photos disappearing. Therefore, even after saving the picture on the smartphone, you will realize that you can’t find it in the gallery. Here we have a solution to this problem and we will explain it to you. There are two solutions to apply when you can’t find photos in gallery of OnePlus 6.

How To Fix Disappeared Pictures In Gallery On OnePlus 6

Download A Third-Party Gallery For OnePlus 6

QuickPic is a good alternative if even after rebooting the phone you are experiencing the issue of pictures not showing up on OnePlus 6. Therefore, download the application from the Google applications store and install it on your OnePlus 6.

Once you have the application now check to see that you can find the picture that was missing initially. If you still can’t find the photo, this shows that the issue is rooted in the Android Gallery. This means that you should consider wiping cache on your OnePlus 6 and you can find the procedure here.

Resetting The OnePlus 6

A quicker solution when you can’t find the pictures is restarting the smartphone. After the reset has been completed, the phones media scanner will look up for new images and so the missing image should be displayed on your phone once again. Here is the guide for OnePlus 6 reset.

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