OnePlus 6: How To Get Emojis- Guide

Some people enjoy using emojis to express themselves more than they like to use words. If you’re one of them and you bought the OnePlus 6 without even thinking that you won’t be able to use your favorite emojis, you might be stunned to have difficulties in accessing them. Still, we get a lot of complaints that the OnePlus 6 won’t display emojis, so we investigated the situation.

As it turns out, some devices display them from the very beginning without any problems. Others, however, may not have the appropriate software installed, which is why those devices cannot support Emojis yet.

Pay attention to “yet”, which tells you that even if you’re going through this, you can still get to enjoy it, provided you know what to do. For starters, you’ll want to check your keyboard’s dedicated Menu and look for the Insert Smiley option.

If the option isn’t available in there, perhaps it’s because of the current operating system version. Chances are you haven’t performed an update on it for some time, so, you’d better check it out and see if you have any options. For this purpose, head to the General Settings, use the More option and open the System Update center. If you select the Update OnePlus software option, you’ll have this Check Now button. Tap it and wait for the device to scan for new system updates, which could also bring you new Emojis to use in your conversations.

If you can use a couple of emojis but your real reason for discontent is that other people seem to be using emojis that you don’t have and that you can’t use… You’d better ask yourself – better yet, ask them! – what kind of texting apps are being used for those conversations?

When you’re using different apps, incompatibilities might occur. So, make sure you both have access to the same software and, with the system updates to date, Emojis should show up correctly on your OnePlus 6.


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