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OnePlus 6: How To Split Screen Guide

The new OnePlus comes with the divide screen feature which is also referred to as the split screen on OnePlus 6. In addition, there is also the Multiple Window Mode on OnePlus 6. In this section, we will take you through the “divide screen” option that makes it a possibility when you want to have two applications running concurrently. However, to use this feature, you first have to activate it from the settings to be able to use OnePlus 6 Split Screen Mode.


Procedure For Dividing Screen View On OnePlus 6

Enable the divide screen and multiple window from the phones settings so as to make use of the features. You can follow this guide to complete this action to set up OnePlus 6 Multi Window Mode.

  1. Switch on the device
  2. Open the settings menu
  3. Select Multiple window which is under device
  4. Use the Toggle to activate Multiple window
  5. If you want to have Multiple Window mode on by default, check the box next to it


Now that you have enabled Multiple Window view on OnePlus 6 and the divide screen view too, you should see a semi circle that appears on the screen and it is grey in color. This acts as prove that the features are activated and you can use them.

To use the features, tap on the half circle using your finger so that the multiple window view comes to the top. Now drag the icons to the window that you want the application to open from. The OnePlus 6 has the capability of resizing and relocating it as you might wish.

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