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OnePlus 6 Keeps Hanging

OnePlus 6 might keep hanging and therefore it is good to know how you can eliminate the issue once. Ideally, there are several causes of the OnePlus 6 hanging issue. However, before you can attempt the solutions we are about to share, try a system update. In case you experience crashing apps after installing a system update, then you need to follow the guide below to fix the keeps hanging on OnePlus 6.


Uninstall Apps Causing The Issue

Bad applications from third parties can be the cause of this problem. If you find an application that misbehaves before you remove it read the online reviews to find what others experienced while using the application. If you find other users complaining, then it means the app is generally problematic. Therefore since it is not up to OnePlus 6 keeps crashing and hanging to deal with the issue, uninstall it completely.


Memory Issue

Problematic applications might be experiencing memory related problem which makes the device to misbehave. Therefore, make sure you uninstall such applications and also the applications that you don’t use regularly. This will create an extra memory space for the problematic applications.


Restoring OnePlus 6 To Factory Settings

In case the OnePlus 6 keeps misbehaving after you have completed those steps, then a factory reset might be the only solution. Note that if you perform this procedure you will lose all the data and the applications you have saved on the phone. This also includes the Google account data and the settings. Therefore, it is critical that you create a backup of these important settings and data before you perform a factory reset. Go through the instructions for performing a Factory Settings Restore on OnePlus 6.


Problem With The Memory

If you have not restarted your OnePlus for days, then you might experience applications that crash and hang regularly on OnePlus 6. The memory malfunction is a major reason why this occurs and therefore by simply restarting the phone, you will be able to bring the issue to an end. Therefore, follow the following steps to complete the procedure to fix OnePlus 6 crashing and hanging.

  1.  Navigate to the phones home screen and touch on the applications
  2. Now locate apps manager by swiping left or right. Once found, tap on it.
  3. Identify the application that keeps freezing
  4. Tap on Clear Cache and Delete Data


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