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OnePlus 6 Keeps Restarting Itself: Get Help Fixing All Problems

You probably get really nervous when your OnePlus 6 restarts over and over. You basically can’t do anything when this process is happening, but relax, there are several different solutions which can help you to fix this issue.

It’s really great if your device is still under warranty, but if warranty of your phone has passed, the best solution for you is probably to find a OnePlus technician and replace or fix your smartphone. No one wants to spend a lot of money, so if you also have that sort of problem, contact OnePlus Support.

But, there are two different reasons why this may happen – The Android OS is responsible for restarting and the certain APP may be responsible for reboots of your device.


The Android OS causes restarting

There is a big chance the process of OnePlus 6 restarting is repeating constantly because of the new firmware update that has been installed. If this happens, our suggestion is to try with a factory reset of your device. If you don’t know how to do that, look for instructions on how to factory reset the OnePlus 6.

But, one thing you should remember if you decide to do that, always back up all of your data and files; if you don’t do that all of them are going to be deleted.

An app is responsible for the sudden reboots

Safe Mode can be a potential solution; you can use it when your OnePlus 6 keeps restarting. If you want to try this, follow these steps: Shut down smartphone completely/ hold power on/off key in order to reboot the device. When you see OnePlus logo press the volume down key and hold it until the pin code is queried. Now, you will be able to find “Safe Mode” in the bottom-left corner of the home screen.



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