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OnePlus 6 Mobile Hotspot – Set Up And Usage Guide

If you’ve bumped into the Mobile Hotspot on OnePlus 6 settings but you don’t know what it does, you clearly don’t know what you’re missing. With the help of the OnePlus 6 Mobile Hotspot, you can share your OnePlus 6 mobile data with other devices. In other words, those devices can connect to your smartphone – provided you grant them permission to do so – and enjoy a private, stable and more reliable internet connection than any public Wi-Fi can offer.

As long as you have enough mobile data – because the battery of the OnePlus 6 shouldn’t let you down – you can activate it at any given time. First, you must obviously set up your hotspot but once you do that, everything else will be piece of cake.


Step #1 – enable the Mobile Hotspot on OnePlus 6

It goes without saying that you have to turn on the device before anything else. But how do you get to that setting and what do you need to do to enable it?

  • First, swipe down the Notification Shade to access the Settings gear icon at the upper corner;
  • Next, tap on Settings and look for the section named Tethering & Wi-Fi Hotspot;
  • After you select that one, you’ll also see your Mobile Hotspot feature;
  • Tap Mobile Hotspot and you’ll see its toggle going from Off to On;
  • A notification will soon pop up on your screen, informing you that as long as the Mobile Hotspot is On, your Wi-Fi connectivity is Off;
  • Hit the OK button within that notification window and focus on the prompts you’ll be getting at the bottom of the display, on how to connect devices to the OnePlus 6, now that you’ve activated the Mobile Hotspot on OnePlus 6.


Step #2 – adjust the security type and the password and start using OnePlus 6 as a wireless hotspot

If you recall, we’ve mentioned at the beginning of this article that a connection between your OnePlus 6 and any other device via the OnePlus 6 Mobile Hotspot feature is more secure than the access to public Wi-Fi networks. But for this to happen, you must take into account some specific security options, starting with your mobile hotspot password. This password also defaults to WPA2 for security, hence even more reasons to take it seriously. Long story short, here’s how to proceed:

  1. Return to Settings, by swiping down the Notification Shade one more time;
  2. Select Tethering & Wi-Fi Hotspot followed by Mobile Hotspot;
  3. Next, tap the 3-dot icon to see your extended options;
  4. Tap the Configure button and type your desired password;
  5. Save the changes and leave the settings.


You are now officially ready to share your mobile data with other devices – simply provide that password to the person of interest and he or she should be able to connect to Mobile Hotspot on OnePlus 6.

Our tutorial didn’t help you as you couldn’t activate the Mobile Hotspot feature? It could be because of your current mobile plan, so don’t waste any more time. Reach out to your service provider and ask why you cannot use the Mobile Hotspot on OnePlus 6. Chances are they will suggest you a mobile plan upgrade and then it will work out for you too.

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