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OnePlus 6 Multi Window Guide

Using the Multi Window on OnePlus 6 might seem like a fancy thing. Yet if you come to see the usefulness in it, you will probably want to try it more often than not. So, let us begin with an essential question: would you like to be able to look at, run, and work within two different apps, on the same screen, at the same time? If that sounds appealing to you, prepare yourself to learn how to enable this feature.

As you can imagine, it’s all within the menus of your smartphone. Enable the OnePlus 6 Split Screen View and the Multi Window Mode will be at your fingertip in no time. Let us show you how this is supposed to work.


OnePlus 6 Multi Window Guide

To enable the Multi Window mode on OnePlus 6, you have to go to the Device menu, within the Settings app. In there, you will see this feature with exactly this name, probably displayed among the first options on the page. Simply change its dedicated toggle to On and also choose if you want your smartphone to open apps in Multi Window whenever it can. For this second option, check the box of the “Open in Multi Window view” entry.

Leaving the settings, you’ll be able to tell that you can now use the OnePlus 6 Split Screen View because you’ll have a grey semicircle on the display. Open the first two apps that you’d like to use this way and drag the semicircle to adjust which app will benefit from more space on the screen.

If you try to open an app but it won’t work, it must be because that particular app isn’t compatible with the Split Screen View on OnePlus 6. Or, in other words, its operating requirements don’t allow it to function on half of the screen. You’ll just have to accept that, as easy as it is to do Multi Window on OnePlus 6, you cannot do it with any app. However, most of them will work this way!


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