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OnePlus 6 Muting Device Guide

Most of the time, OnePlus 6 users want to know how to customize the sounds made by their smartphones. But there will also be instances when all you could wish for is some silence. When that happens, you’d better know how to mute all those ringtones and notification sounds. Below, you’ll see how to get that either as a permanent solution (until you manually choose to disable the Mute function) or as a temporary solution, when you don’t want to reject a call but you don’t want to hear its ringtone either.


Meet your OnePlus 6 standard Mute functions

If you want to mute your phone and be 100% confident you won’t be bothered, use the standard Mute functions. The Volume controller from the left side of the device, when long pressed, will switch to Silent.

Alternatively, you can long-press the Power button and you should see the Mute and Vibrate options on the display, picking whatever interests you most. And last but not least, you can access the Notification Shade and tap the Loud Ring icon from there – it will first switch to Vibrate and, if you tap once again, it will switch to Mute.


How would you like to try Motions and Gestures?

Whether you’re into this kind of controlling options or you don’t want to have the OnePlus 6 on Mute all the time, Motions and Gestures will help you better handle it all. Once you enable it, you will be able to mute the device by covering its display. You can cover it with your palm or by placing it laying on the display.

Either way, the sound should stop as soon as you do that but the device won’t be set to Mute. If a new call, or text message, or whatever notification comes along, the OnePlus 6 will ring out loud again and you’ll be able to use Motions and Gestures again. Just go to Settings, at My Device, and enable Motions and Gestures from that menu.

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