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OnePlus 6 Not Getting Texts – Fixed

Everybody texts and it is so upsetting when a friend calls to ask why haven’t you replied their messages and you discover you didn’t get any of it… Looks like your OnePlus 6 is picky about what messages to receive and what messages to send? Especially when you cannot seem to see a pattern, you’re intrigued and you want to fix it asap. Let us help you see the pattern.


First of all, let’s establish the nature of your problem…

Not getting texts on the OnePlus 6 is a general problem or more like a particular issue? Do you have it with any kind of sender, regardless of what device they are texting from? Or you could say that it rather happens with iPhone senders? And how about you sending out messages? Do your texts reach out to non-Apple users?

I guess you see where we’re going with all these questions but if you don’t, let us be clear. The kind of problem we’re trying to underline is about a two-way conflict. Chances are that you cannot receive messages from iPhone devices and you cannot send messages to devices that are not iPhones.

The only common culprit here is the iMessage service, which you probably had active on your old iPhone. If you forgot to deactivate it before switching to the new OnePlus 6…


Use your old phone to fix your new OnePlus 6 not getting texts

If you still have the iPhone, you’re a few minutes away from getting a fix for this annoying problem. All you have to do is to transfer your SIM card back into the iPhone. And after you activate its internet connection, go to the Settings of the device and disable the iMessage service from the Message submenu. Obviously, you will then transfer the SIM card into the OnePlus 6 once again and you’ll see that the messaging problem is now gone.


Use the web service to fix the OnePlus 6 that can’t receive messages

Because not everybody has the old phone at hand – or not everybody is willing to play around with the SIM card – you can obtain the same result without all that fuss. Go online at the Deregister iMessage page. You’ll see an option formulated as a question on that page – No longer have your iPhone? – and if you tap it, you can type your phone number and region, asking them to send you the deactivation code. They’ll send it to you on the provided phone number, you’ll fill in the Enter Confirmation Code field and submit it.

From that moment on, your OnePlus 6 should be able to send and receive all kinds of messages, without restrictions.

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