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OnePlus 6 Priority Mode: How To Enable Silent Mode

One reason why you don’t know how to put OnePlus 6 in Silent Mode may be the fact that you can no longer see this option listed anywhere. Of course, that doesn’t mean that the option has vanished because, otherwise, we wouldn’t be here, promising to teach you how to put OnePlus 6 in Silent Mode. The simple and actual answer, to your question, is that this mode has been renamed into Priority Mode on OnePlus 6.

Together with this name change, a couple of other improvements came into the picture and if you’re ready to know your new options, we trust you’re going to like it. The complexity of the change comes, as you’ll soon enough notice, from the increased flexibility of your options. Specifically, the Priority Mode will let you decide whose calls or app notifications you still want to receive even when you activate this mode.

In other words, the new silent mode isn’t just about letting everyone call you or not letting anyone. Thanks to the OnePlus 6 Priority Mode, you get to refine your options, set up some filters, and be able to enjoy the peace and tranquility that you’ve been looking for, without shutting off the access of the people who really matter to you.


First things first, set up Priority Mode on OnePlus 6

You obviously cannot enjoy the old Silent Mode or the new Priority Mode (as it’s best to call it) without first setting it up. To do so, tap the Volume button on your smartphone. And when that pop-up dialog box comes along, select the Priority option.

Expect, afterward, to get to see the various options that come with it, options that you can adjust for specific timeframes. Speaking of timeframes, to adjust the duration of a setting, you should use the plus and the minus buttons.

And if you’re ever in doubt on whether the Priority Mode is On or Off, suffices to look at the Notification bar. As long as you see a star icon in there, you can be sure that the mode is active and you’ll only be getting notifications from the apps you’ve granted access to.

Oh, and… pay attention to the word “notifications”, will you? This implies that even with the Priority Mode enabled, your smartphone will push up notifications, but it will do it in a completely silent manner. The only noises you’ll hear will be after you disable the Priority Mode.


Next, you can start controlling apps and changing general options

Like suggested, some apps can be individually controlled within the Priority Mode settings. Begin at the Sound and Notification screen, to select App Notifications. From there, you can choose which apps have permissions within the Priority Mode and which don’t, by simply switching their toggles to Priority.

Just as easily as switching an app’s toggle, you can switch toggles for messages, call, reminders or any other events. Simply activate the Priority Mode as shown above and select the cog icon that will pop up. From there, select types of events and contacts that you want to be able to reach out to you through the Priority Mode wall of silence.

Don’t forget about the timeframes either. If you’re giving it a few extra minutes, you will customize Priority Mode as to turn On and Off, automatically, on the days that you select, between the hours that you specify. Set the Days, Start Time and End Time options to make it fit your schedule and start enjoying the OnePlus 6 silent mode without any efforts.

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