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OnePlus 6 Private Mode Guide

Looking for a special app to hide your sensitive information on the OnePlus 6? Look no more because you already have one installed from the factory and it is called the Private Mode.

It will create a private folder on OnePlus 6, accessible with password only, where you can hide photos and videos, together with many other files. What should you know about this feature before you start using it?


Unless you enable Private Mode, you can’t use it on the OnePlus 6`

Except for the first time when you use it, a special moment when you’ll see an introductory walkthrough and you have to set up the password, turning it On will be super-easy every single time for using Private Mode on OnePlus 6:

  1. Go to Home Screen and swipe down with your two fingers, starting at the top of the screen;
  2. As the list of options covers the screen, scan the icons until you find the Private Mode;
  3. Select the Private Mode and enter the pin code that you have set when you first enabled it and that’s it.


When you’re done using the Private Mode, do not forget to turn it off

The main advantage of the OnePlus 6 Private Mode is that the content you hide in it is only visible as long as the mode is active. For this reason, it is essential that you do not forget to turn it off the moment you have finished moving your files to it! Whenever you’re ready:

  1. Use two fingers again, to swipe down from the top of the OnePlus 6 display;
  2. Look at the list of options for the Private Mode and select it;
  3. Make sure that the smartphone has returned to the normal mode and that the private folder is now hidden.


As for the actual changes within the Private Mode on OnePlus 6…

Every time when you want to make some changes – either add or remove content from that private folder – you must first activate the Private Mode.

  1. Go to the Home Screen;
  2. Extend the Quick Settings menu by swiping with two fingers from the top;
  3. Tap the Private Mode icon to activate it;
  4. Leave this menu and start browsing the OnePlus 6 for the photo or whatever file you want to move in there;
  5. Select that file and look at the Overflow menu button, somewhere in the upper right;
  6. Tap that button;
  7. Tap “Move to Private”.


With nothing else to add on how to use the Private Mode on OnePlus 6, we’re going to let you test the instructions from this tutorial and see for yourself how easy it works!

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