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OnePlus 6 Problems With Calls

Call problems is not unusual for people who own the brand new one plus 3 smartphone. According to users, a typical example of OnePlus 6 call problem is inability to make or receive call. Below, we will dive into some ways to solve the phone call problems that have been giving you headaches. These troubleshooting tips are a must -know because you can use them to restore your phone back to its normal condition without having it replaced.

The reported call dropping that some OnePlus 6 users experience may be due to internet connection or network problems on the phone. Below are what you need to do in case your smartphone is unable to receive and/or make calls.


Check phone’s signal bars

Checking the network bar on the phone is the first thing to do when your OnePlus 6 smartphone call problems occur. The reason is that your phone must be connected to the cell phone service which is provided by a sky-high wireless tower to be able to make or receive calls.

If you observe that your phone has very low or no sign, resetting your OnePlus 6 phone to solve the problem won’t be a bad idea. Below is a detailed guide on the way to reboot your phone (OnePlus 6).


Find out if Flight Mode is enabled or not.

Another reason why your OnePlus 6 phone may be having call problems is if Flight Mode is enabled. When the phone Flight Mode is enabled, all wireless connections become switched off. To check whether flight mode is enabled or not, follow these simple instructions.

  1. Switch on your smartphone
  2. Click and drag the Notification bar down
  3. Choose the settings icon
  4. Tap on the Flight Mode
  5. Swipe the Flight Mode toggle Off


Change OnePlus 6 network mode

If the method above doesn’t work, then try to change the OnePlus 6 network mode to fix calls. The reason for this is because your OnePlus 6 could only be working on a specific network.


Modify OnePlus 6 phone network mode

By chance, the method above may not work for your phone. The next thing to do is change the phone network mode to solve the call problems. The reason behind this is that your OnePlus 6 might be selective, hence work only on a particular network.

  1. Switch on your smartphone
  2. From the screen top, move down your finger in order to bring up the phone menu.
  3. Tap the settings icon on the menu
  4. Go to Mobile Networks
  5. Choose network mode
  6. Tap WCDMA/GSM to change the network mode.


Search for networks automatically

Alternatively, you can change your phone settings to search for network automatically. At times, when the phone is out of network range, it loses its connection. That is when you have to search for a new network automatically.

  1. Switch your OnePlus 6 phone on
  2. Locate the phone menu by sliding your fingers down the screen top.
  3. Click on settings
  4. Choose Mobile networks
  5. Click Network operators
  6. Then select find “find network within range”
  7. Select automatically


Check your account status

Account verification is of utmost importance. This because, when your wireless account is inactive, your phone can’t receive or make a call. So, confirm from your wireless network providers such as Sprint, AT&T or T-Mobile to ensure you have paid all your bills. If you are now owing, your wireless network carrier will inform you if their system is having some serious issues.


Check if there is network outage where you are

Your phone call problems may also be caused by network outage in your area. This is often the cause of OnePlus 6 call problems. Every so often, signals will be out due to maintenance, and you have to wait for the network to be up and running before you make or receive calls.


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