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OnePlus 6 Problems With Sound (Solved)

Every OnePlus user knows that the cellphone does have some sound issue on OnePlus 6, even if you buy a new phone. The most common sound problem that almost every user of OnePlus 6 faces is while talking on a phone. This might be caused due to Bluetooth. In this article, we will provide you some easy fix for OnePlus 6 sound problems that are causing headaches for you.

These are some possible fixes for the sound problem that occurs on OnePlus 6 smartphone. After following the below given steps, if the problem still occurs, then you must take the phone to your seller to replace your OnePlus 6. Below is given a small and useful guide to fix the sound problems of OnePlus 6.


How to fix OnePlus 6 sound problems:

  • Switch off your OnePlus 6 phone, detach the sim card from the phone and then reattach it and switch on the phone.
  • Sometimes, the microphone gets covered with dirt or dust, so to clean the microphone, use compressed air on your OnePlus’s microphone and check if the problem is solved.
  • Sometimes, the sound problem is initiated because of Bluetooth. Try switching off Bluetooth and then check if the problem is resolved.
  • Clearing the cache of OnePlus 6 could also be effective in resolving the sound problem. Take a look at this guide about how to wipe the OnePlus 6 cache.
  • You can also resolve the sound problem by entering in the recovery mode of your OnePlus 6.


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