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OnePlus 6 Problems With Touch Screen (Solved)

While the OnePlus 6 is usually a great value smartphone, it is sometimes plagued with some touchscreen issues. Some of the noticeable problems in the OnePlus 6 not working touchscreen, unresponsive touchscreen and other similar touchscreen issues. In a moment we shall cure your headache through showing you how you could fix the OnePlus 6 problems with touchscreen.

However, it is not the entire OnePlus 6 touch screen that is unresponsive as sometimes the bottom part of the screen is usually responsive. For users who want to avoid interruption, they will have to move the controls and apps away from the middle of the phone towards the further end to keep them useful. Therefore, as an owner of a new OnePlus smartphone, you should know that the OnePlus 6 problems with touchscreen is a common issue.


Reasons For OnePlus 6 Touch Screen Not Working:

  • The OnePlus 6 touch screen can be messed up during shipment process where excessive bumps can affect the touchscreen’s performance making it not to function properly.
  • Software bugs can also cause the touch screen to have problems. Fortunately, there are software updates that OnePlus often releases to fix these problems, although it can at times consume a lot of time.


Ways To Fix OnePlus 6 Touch Screen Not Working

Perform Factory Reset

Find your way to the OnePlus 6 notification section where there is a gear icon that will lead you to Settings. When you reach the settings page, go to User and Backup to access Backup and reset and then, select Factory data reset.

After ensuring every crucial data is backed up, go to the screen’s bottom part and choose Reset device. After reaching the next screen, choose Delete all, then, wait for the completion of the process as the phone reboots. To get a more detailed information, read this guide about how to factory reset OnePlus 6.


Clear Smartphone Cache

Another probable fix that can sought out the problem is to delete the phone cache to solve touch screen not working on OnePlus 6. To carry out that process, hold the Volume down until you see the OnePlus logo appearing. In that instance, a prompt will appear requesting you if you need to wipe cache the smartphone partition. In that case click yes. For more on that, you can read more from this detailed guide about how to clear cache on OnePlus 6.

  1. Turn off the OnePlus 6
  2. Next, Press and also hold simultaneously the Home, Volume Up, and Power buttons until an Android logo appears and the smartphone vibrates
  3. In that instance, release the Power button as you continue to hold onto the other buttons
  4. Scroll down and highlight Wipe Cache Partition using the volume buttons
  5. Punch the Power button
  6. Scroll down up to the Yes label, then, click the Power button
  7. Later, Scroll up to the Reboot System Now option and punch Power
  8. The OnePlus 6 will afterward reboot with a clear system cache


Perform A Hard Reset

Know that you will remove and delete all apps, data, and settings when you do a OnePlus 6 hard reset. Before doing that you ought to track and back up any useful data on your OnePlus 6 so that it is not lost. If you want to back up data on the OnePlus 6 you need to go to the Settings > Backup & reset. Even as you read the steps below, you can also peruse a more detailed guide about how to hard reset OnePlus 6.

  1. Turn the OnePlus 6 off
  2. Press and then simultaneously hold the: Home button + Power button+ Volume Up, until the OnePlus logo appears.
  3. Then using Volume buttons navigate and select “wipe data/factory reset” from Recovery Mode menu and confirm with the Power button.
  4. Select the “Yes — delete all user data” option so that the whole operation can be confirmed.
  5. Afterward select “reboot system now” option.


Remove Sim Card

First, take your OnePlus 6 smartphone and Turn it off. Remove the SIM card and later, reinsert the SIM Card. After a while, turn your OnePlus 6 on and check whether the OnePlus 6 touch screen issue is gone.

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