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OnePlus 6 Problems With Wi-Fi (Solutions)

Another common issue that users of the new OnePlus smartphone face is related to Wi-Fi issues on OnePlus 6. For instance some users have reported experiencing a sluggish Wi-Fi, Unstable Connection, and Connection Switching back to data automatically. Here we will feature some of the possible alternatives when you want to eliminate WiFi problems on OnePlus 6.


When OnePlus 6 Randomly Switches From Wi-Fi Connection To Data Connection

The option WLAN to Mobile data connection is responsible for this random WiFi switching on OnePlus 6. If this option has been turned on then you will experience this issue. Ideally, OnePlus designed the “Intelligent Network Switching” feature so as to enable auto switching from unstable connection to data connection. You can alter this setting whenever you want to.


Ensure The OnePlus 6 Wi-Fi Is Off

Connecting to a weak link is another common issue and so you need to confirm the signal is off. Here is a guide that you need to follow for fixing OnePlus 6 wifi issues:

  1. Switch on your phone
  2. Tap on the Menu icon
  3. Click on the Settings icon
  4. Tap on connections
  5. Click Wi-Fi
  6. Use the On/Off Toggle bar to switch Wi-Fi Off


Procedure For Forgetting Saved Wi-Fi Network On OnePlus 6

You need to navigate to the settings menu so as to remove a Wi-Fi network that you had previously saved. To do this, open the settings view and lookout for the Wi-Fi section. Now lookup the network you want to eliminate and click it holding it for long. You will see a popup command. Select forget to completely remove the network. You can also use the modify option which is the recommended option when you need to change the password of the Wi-Fi Connection in OnePlus 6.

  1. Switch on your device
  2. To open the notifications panel swipe down from the top downwards
  3. Now navigate to the connections section and click on Wi-Fi
  4. Incase Wi-Fi is not on, tap on the toggle to switch it back on
  5. Tap on the network you want to forget and select the forget command that pops up.
  6. Now, the network is completely forgotten.


How To Deactivate Network Intelligent Switch On OnePlus 6 To Fix Wi-Fi Issue

  1. Switch on the device
  2. Activate the mobile data of your Device
  3. Once data on mobile is running now open the menu icon navigate to settings and then select wireless network
  4. Checkout for the Network smart Switch
  5. Un tick the box to allow connection to weak networks
  6. You will not experience the Wi-Fi to mobile switching any longer


How To Solve OnePlus Slow Wi-Fi

A common issue experienced by OnePlus 6 users is a slow Wi-Fi while using the social media applications. You might realize grayed icons that also take long time to show on the screen. In addition, you might realize that the Wi-Fi link has a strong signal and this means it is the connection that is weak. This experience can be traumatizing and you need a solution to this issue. Here we will share some of the possible solutions to the problem.


Procedure For Fixing OnePlus 6 Slow Wi-Fi

  1. Put the phone on
  2. Tap and hold the power off key, the Volume + and the home key concurrently
  3. OnePlus 6 vibrates once after a few seconds indicating that the recovery mode is active.
  4. Scroll down to find the Cache Partition Wipe and click on the power button to confirm the selection
  5. The process will be completed and then you need to reboot the phone.


Seeking Support From A Technician

If you have followed all those steps and the issue still persists, it is advisable that you seek expert advice. Take the phone to the store or to the shop where you bought it and they will check for any possible damage. A replacement unit will be ordered if the phone is found to be defective.

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