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OnePlus 6 Problems With WiFi (Solutions)

This detailed tutorial is the result of so many questions we’ve been getting lately, from our OnePlus users, regarding the various Wi-Fi problems on OnePlus 6  that can occur. Without trying to scare you into thinking that these smartphones have a problem with the Wi-Fi, in general, we’d like to underline that this doesn’t have to be the norm.

Some users complain about their network speed or weak connectivity. Others have noticed that they’re having troubles when trying to forget a particular connection and then to reactivate it. And there are also users who discover that the phone switched to mobile data automatically, when they were expecting it less.

Whatever your situation may be, one of the solutions from below could prove handy at some point for fixing OnePlus 6 WiFi issues. So, read on, take notes, share it with your friends or just bookmark it for later reference. You can’t ignore any of it!


Randomly Switches From Wi-Fi To Data On OnePlus 6

First of all, we know it’s frustrating to see that your phone doesn’t want to stay on Wi-Fi even though you were planning on saving some of that mobile data. But here’s the thing – more often than not, it does so because it detects an unstable wireless connectivity and it is trying to offer you the best experience.

Moreover, your OnePlus 6 can switch from Wi-Fi to Data without your consent because it comes with the Smart Network Switch option active by default, through the WLAN to Mobile Data connection option. If you change that option, you will disable the Smart Network Switch and the device will stay on whatever network you’ve asked it to stay on.

  1. Turn your phone on and make sure that Mobile Data is enabled;
  2. Then, go to Settings, at the Wireless section, and look for the Smart Network Switch – you should see this option right at the top of the page with options;
  3. Tap on Smart Network Switch to disable it and that was all.


If, on the contrary, you see it switches from Data to Wi-Fi, it must be because the phone is still picking up some remote signal from a Wi-Fi and it tries to stick to it. Assuming you prefer the mobile data in this particular situation, you’ll have to disable the Wi-Fi from the Settings. Go to Connections, select the Wi-Fi, and switch its toggle to Off.


OnePlus 6 Doesn’t Want To Forget Previously Saved Wi-Fi Network

Like mentioned, that can happen too. But if you follow the steps described in the previous section, you’ll get to the Wi-Fi settings and be able to select the network that you want to remove. When you do that, make sure you long press on the network name, until you see a small context menu from where you can choose the Forget option.

Next to the Forget option, you’ll see the Modify option, which you should only use if you’re planning to change some authentication details, like the password for that Wi-Fi network. If not, stick to the Forget option and it should disappear from the list. Just consider the fact that, in order to do all that, you must first be sure that the Wi-Fi is actually turned On:

  1. Unlock the screen and bring up the Notification shade;
  2. From there, tap the gear icon to open the Settings center;
  3. Within the Network Connections section, select the Wi-Fi and check its status, making sure it is set to On;
  4. Next, select the Wi-Fi network profile you wish to remove;
  5. Long press on it and tap Forget.


Obviously, you can add the same Wi-Fi network profile that you have just removed, right after that. Perhaps the refresh will fix OnePlus 6 Wi-Fi problems.


Apps Require A Wi-Fi  Connection Are Moving Slower And Slower

Slow Wi-Fi might manifest with your general browsing actions or with particular apps. From what we know, apps like Twitter and Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat are most likely to make you feel like the Wi-Fi is working slowly and that’s because they all come with a large amount of information to display through their newsfeed.

If you notice that the content on these apps loads extremely slow, pictures come out all grayed out, and you cannot really enjoy the experience, here is what you should try these to fix problems with WiFi on OnePlus 6:

  1. Shut down the device;
  2. Tap Power, Volume Up, and Home, all at the same time, up until the phone vibrates and the recovery mode loads;
  3. In there, select the Wipe Cache Partition option with Volume Down and start the wiping with one more press on the Power button;
  4. After wiping the cache, it will restart but return to the Recovery Mode, so you’ll have to use the Reboot System Now option to leave this mode for good.


Normally, wiping the cache can fix your slow, sluggish smartphone. But if that doesn’t work either, the only way to fix slow Wi-Fi on OnePlus 6 is probably by taking it to an authorized center. See what the pros have to say about it.

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