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OnePlus 6 Removing Duplicate Contacts – Guide

Whether you’ve recently imported the SIM card to the OnePlus 6 or you’ve been too negligent with storing data in your agenda, or you’ve been connecting multiple email accounts, this problem can occur with duplicate contacts on OnePlus 6.

At some point, you might notice that your agenda is filled with OnePlus t duplicate phone numbers and contact details that you’d very much like to remove. How do you do that without wasting too much time? With the help of an app, of course, but that doesn’t mean you have to rush into downloading third-party apps or paying good money for it.

You can remove duplicate contacts on OnePlus 6, all by yourself, without extra tools or without having to pay anything or anyone. Just stick with us for a few moments.


The fast way to remove duplicate contacts on OnePlus 6

  1. Launch the Contacts app from your OnePlus 6;
  2. Browse through the list of contacts and select the first duplicate contact that you find;
  3. With this first contact selected, tap the link icon from the right, where it says “Connected via”;
  4. Next, tap the option where it says “Link another contact”;
  5. Finally, select the second entry that replicates the same contact details as your first selection;
  6. Hit the back button and repeat with other duplicate contacts as well.


As you can see, this is more of a manual process where you look up for pairs of identical contacts, select one of them, select to link, and select the second contact. By doing so, you merge the two of them and get rid of an extra, unnecessary entry in your agenda. If you find this process to be too tiring or if your contacts are a big mess, you could try making the edits from within your Gmail account. Alternatively, you can use the method described below.


The even faster way to remove duplicate contacts on OnePlus 6

  1. Start from the same Contacts app, as before;
  2. This time, access its Menu, from the 3-dot icon at the upper-right corner;
  3. Select to Link Contacts;
  4. Choose the criteria you’d like the app to use for identifying duplicate contacts – name, phone number, email address, whatever you think will work best;
  5. Wait to see the results and use the Done button when you want to merge those indicated contacts and remove the duplicates.


With the help of this second method, which is actually a built-in cleanup tool available by default on the OnePlus 6, you’re spared from the effort of manually pairing the duplicate entries. You’re basically letting the smartphone to handle the entire process and you only decide, based on its suggestions, that you really want to merge those similar contacts.

The obvious benefit of being a much faster option left aside, there’s really nothing to worry about if you choose the first option. Some people just want to be more in control and to make sure that they aren’t losing or misplacing important data if they agree with an automatic process. We’ve just shown you two different ways of how to remove duplicate contacts on OnePlus 6 and choosing which one to use is entirely your call.


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