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OnePlus 6: Repair IMEI Number Guide

The majority of IMEI-related articles and tutorials from the web, whether they refer to the OnePlus 6 or any other smartphone, usually focus on knowing what the IMEI is, how can you find out what IMEI you have, and why you need this information.

In our tutorial, however, we’d like to address a just as important issue, one that is often and unfairly overlooked: the IMEI might not always work as it should and you might have to do some repairs on it. Naturally, you have no clue how to do that but you have us for support.

In a nutshell, you can suspect an IMEI problem when you start noticing that you can no longer use basic services such as Calls and SMS, Mobile Data, or whatever else. From our perspective, the phone either needs a firmware update or a rapid intervention for restoring and repairing the IMEI…


You cannot really recall when was the last time that you updated the firmware?

  1. Wake up the phone’s display;
  2. Go to Apps, right on the Home Screen;
  3. Tap Settings;
  4. Navigate to About Device;
  5. Hit the Software Update menu;
  6. Use the Download button from the pop-up window that will show up next;
  7. Wait for the download to complete.


Looks like you need to restore and repair the IMEI of OnePlus 6?

  1. Begin by enabling the USB debugging mode;
  2. Access the USB debugging mode right after that;
  3. Connect the smartphone to a PC;
  4. Download the EFS Restorer Express software;
  5. Launch it and open up the file EFS-BACK.BAT;
  6. Choose the desired option to restore the EFS using Odin.


Once you take these six steps, the OnePlus 6 IMEI issue should be fixed. Otherwise, you have all the reasons to suspect that there are some serious things going on with your OnePlus 6 device.


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