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OnePlus 6: Resetting Password When Locked Out

You have this OnePlus 6 and you’ve forgotten its password? It happens, no tragedy! All you have to do in order to regain access is deciding between performing a hard factory reset and using the Android Device Manager. Now remember, the reset might make you lose some data but there will be instances when you won’t have a choice…


How can a factory reset help you reset password of OnePlus 6?

The answer to this question is very simple if you know what the factory reset really is. In just a few words, when you factory reset the OnePlus 6, you’re choosing to clean up everything that you have previously stored on it – the operating system, your personal information, your accounts, passwords, and settings, third-party apps, pictures, videos, emails – ALL of it.

What you get is a clean device, just like the ones that you buy from the store. Naturally, this implies that your clean device doesn’t have a password either, and you should be able to access it, reconfigure it, and – in case you have created a backup – start bringing back your saved data. To get to that point, you must:

  1. Make sure that the device is turned off;
  2. Then press and hold the three main keys for Volume Up, Power, and Home;
  3. Wait to see the Android symbol;
  4. Then you can release the keys and look around;
  5. You’re now in Recovery Mode and you can move around with the Volume Down;
  6. Use Volume Down to select the Wipe Data / Factory Reset menu;
  7. Use a tap on the Power button to get it started after you select this option;
  8. Confirm that you want to factory reset the OnePlus 6 from the option “Yes – delete all user data”;
  9. Have a little patience for it to happen and then, when you want to return to the normal running mode, select Reboot System Now – you will return to the wiped and clean OnePlus 6 in a few seconds.


Note – if you need more details or an alternative to the above method on how to factory reset the OnePlus 6, check our link.


How can the Android Device Manager help you reset password of OnePlus 6?

The benefit of using the Android Device Manager over the standard reset is that you don’t have to lose your data or to start reconfiguring the device. This service comes with a special feature called Lock that, once enabled, will let you choose a temporary password on OnePlus 6 and use it for access to your locked device. Here’s how it goes:

  1. Use a computer;
  2. Access the Android Device Manager from that PC;
  3. Log in and look for your OnePlus 6;
  4. Select it and enable the Lock & Erase feature for it;
  5. Follow the steps that will be shown to you afterward;
  6. Choose that temporary password;
  7. Grab your phone and insert the new temporary password;
  8. Go to its settings to create a new one as soon as you’ve managed to unlock it.


As usual, you’re free to try whatever method tempts you the most. Let us know if you bump into any kind of complications while learning how to reset the password on OnePlus 6 when you’re locked out.

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