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OnePlus 6 Restarting – Here’s How To Fix It

As much as you’re told to restart OnePlus 6 every now and then, in order to prevent software crashes, you clearly hate it when the device decides to restart on its own. And if it keeps doing so, when you expect less, with or without any kind of heads-up, it looks like you’re going through some problems.

Sometimes, it’s a particular app that blocks the whole device when you try to use it. Other times it’s your smartphone’s defective battery that cannot keep up with the required performances. And there are even instances when a firmware update goes bad.

If you’re willing to send it to a OnePlus technician, it is probably the best. But if you can’t, or before you decide to do that, you still have one or two things that you can personally try out…


Clearly, an app-related issue that triggers the reboots? Boot into Safe Mode:

When the OnePlus enters the Safe Mode, it will operate exclusively with its default services and apps. Whatever other apps you have installed ever since you got it, from third-party developers, will no longer be accessible in there. In this context, you can assume that booting into Safe Mode is the best thing to do when you suspect that a third-party app is causing the device to keep restarting. If the problem doesn’t manifest in this particular environment, you should be able to really blame one of those third-party apps.

Long story short, if any of your installed apps no longer works or tends to trigger reboots periodically, if you’re dealing with any kind of bugs or if you simply need to uninstall some apps and you want to do it without risking anything, in a perfectly safe environment, you must enter the Safe Mode.

To do so, turn off your phone and press the Power button until you make it reboot one more time. During this reboot process, the moment you get to see the OnePlus logo on the screen, long press the Volume Down key. And hold it just the same, until the device asks you to type the sim-pin, whereas the bottom left corner will display the Safe Mode label.


Probably not an app, but still a software issue? Try the factory reset:

If you’ve tried the Safe Mode alternative without success and you still have reasons to believe it’s a software issue, here’s some food for the thought: have you recently accepted a firmware update on the OnePlus 6? Because if you did, chances are that the update itself, because of some bugs, is making your Android operating system to crash regularly.

In this case, fingers crossed for managing to back up the data that you don’t want to lose! After that, read our guide on how to factory reset the OnePlus 6 and you’ll know what you need to do, step by step. This action should solve any issue regarding the OnePlus 6 that keeps restarting itself.

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