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OnePlus 6 Ringtone Downloads (Free)

Those people who have OnePlus should know that how they can download free ringtones on OnePlus 6 and use multiple ringtone options on your smartphone. It is extremely important to understand how you can download free ringtones for OnePlus 6 because you will be able to assign different and unique ringtones to different person and you can easily identify the caller by just listening to the ringtone. A small and brief guide is given below to download free ringtones on OnePlus 6.


How to download free ringtones on OnePlus 6 

It is very easy process to select unique ringtones for different contacts on OnePlus 6. The option is available for each contact and you can also assign different ringtones to different contacts for text messages. Follow the below given steps to learn how to set custom ringtones on OnePlus 6:

  1. Switch on your OnePlus 6.
  2. Open the dialer app.
  3. Select the contact that you wish to assign unique ringtone.
  4. Now tap on Pen-shaped icon to edit.
  5. After that tap on the ringtone button.
  6. Now a window will open showing all your ringtones.
  7. Now search for the desired ringtone and select it.
  8. If your desired ringtone is not available on the list, then look for it on device storage and then select that.


These steps would allow you to select the desired OnePlus 6 ringtone for your contact. All other contacts would have default ringtone from OnePlus 6 settings, but one selected contact would have different and unique ringtone.

Having a custom ringtone for a contact makes it easier for the person to know who is calling even without having to look at the phone’s screen. It makes the phone more personalized with OnePlus 6 ringtone downloads.


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