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OnePlus 6 Screen Won’t Turn On: How To Fix The Problem

OnePlus 6 owners have reported the problem with their screen; the light buttons are working normally, but the screen of the device stays black and the OnePlus 56 won’t turn on.

The first thing you should do is to connect your device to a power outlet to see if dead battery is causing this problem. If that isn’t the main reason why this is happening, you will see in the text below the reasons that can cause this issue and how you can fix screen won’t turn on OnePlus 6.


Hold the Power button

Before you hear and try any other way to fix the screen won’t turn on OnePlus 6, the best thing you should do is to hit the Power button in order to check if there is a problem with powering your device. If you have discovered that is not the problem, keep reading.


Boot your device to “Recovery Mode” and Wipe Cach Partition

In case you want to boot your mobile to Recovery Mode, here are the instructions how you can do that:

  1. At the same time, press Home, Power and Volume Up keys and hold them for some period of the time
  2. When you feel the vibration of the device continue withholding Volume Up and Home button
  3. When Android System Recovery screen appears, use the “Volume Down” button to signalize “wipe cache partition” and when you do that, use the Power button in order to select it
  4. When you do that, your smartphone will be rebooted automatically


In case you want to see the deeper explanation, you can read it on how to clear cache on the OnePlus 6


Boot to Safe Mode

There is a chance another app is causing this problem on the OnePlus 6 screen won’t turn on, so the best way how you can check that is to boot your device into “Safe Mode”. Here’s the instruction how you can do that:

  1. Press the Power key and hold it for some period of time
  2. When the screen of your smartphone appears, click the Volume down button and hold it
  3. In the moment of restarting the device, you will be able to see the Safe Mode in the bottom left part of your OnePlus 6


What about Technical Support?

This is the thing you should do if the advice above didn’t help you to solve the problem you have. We recommend you to take back your OnePlus 6 and check if any physical damage is causing the issue.


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