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OnePlus 6 Silent Mode

As a OnePlus 6 owner, it may interest you to know the way to put it in silent mode. The not so good thing about Silent Mode is it is renamed to Priority Mode. Android Silent mode now comes with a new feature, thus it’s renamed “Priority Mode”.

Though “Silent Mode” is more user-friendly compared to “Priority Mode” on OnePlus 6 smartphone, the latter can be handy once you know how to go about it. This reason is that Priority Mode is more flexible as it allows you to select the apps as well as the people you don’t or do want to pick their calls. From the guide below, you learn how to make use of Priority Mode rather than Silent Mode on your OnePlus 6.


How To Set Up Priority Mode On OnePlus 6

To set up “Priority Mode”, tap the device’s volume button and choose priority from the dialog that will pop up on the screen. Below the priority mode are options that may be adjusted at different times. You may change the amount of time your phone stays in priority mode by using the plus (+) and (-) minus button. A start icon appears when OnePlus 6 phone is about to enter priority mode, after which only those contacts and apps you give access to can send you notifications. While this doesn’t stop you from receiving updates, calls, and messages, your OnePlus 6 smartphone won’t ring or ping as long as priority mode is enabled.


How To Change Priority Mode Options On OnePlus 6

By tapping the cog icon that pops up when Priority Mode is activated, you’ll see different ways of customizing or changing the Priority Mode. Things you can change with toggle switch include calls, messages, events and reminders. Additionally, using priority mode, you can choose people that will be able to call or message you.

Another good thing about priority mode is that it allows you to automatically select the specific times you want the mode to switch on and off. Choose days, end time, and start time to activate priority mode. With this, you don’t have to manually turn priority mode on and off every now and then (Time-saving).


Managing Applications On OnePlus 6

Priority mode also allows you to manage individual apps within the Android app. First, enter sound and notification screen and then go to application notifications. After this, click on any application toggle and change the app to priority. One of the main perks of priority mode is that it blocks anything you don’t need, except it’s urgent.


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