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OnePlus 6 Slow Internet Problem- Solutions

With a fast smartphone like the OnePlus 6, you obviously want and need to have a just as fast internet connection. Yet sometimes, when you expect less, the device decides to play you tricks and show a slow internet lag on OnePlus 6. If your favorite internet apps – YouTube, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook or Twitter and Instagram are letting you down, you cannot afford that, can you?

If you look into the most common reasons why the OnePlus 6 slow internet connection is happening, you’ll see that it doesn’t always have to be about the device itself. Think of poor or low signal strength or Wi-Fi network, heavy load of traffic for that particular website or app, low memory or too many processes in the background, corrupted internet or system cache, firmware outdated, internet browser outdated, reached data speed limit and so on!

Of course, if you have the time and you know how to do it, you could pick up any of these potential problems and investigate them separately. However, we would suggest that you try the following main troubleshooting options…


First of all, compare the speed differences between Wi-Fi and mobile data

Most OnePlus 6 users are trying to make the best of any wireless internet connection that they can get. Assuming that you were using the Wi-Fi when you started to notice the slow speed and the lags, consider that it’s a Wi-Fi-issue on OnePlus 6. It could be because of the wireless module on your smartphone or, even simpler, the smartphone could be trying to pick up some remote weak Wi-Fi signal.

Rule out the bad Wi-Fi by testing the navigation speed when using mobile data: go to Settings, at Connections, and tap the Wi-Fi entry to switch its toggle from On to Off.


Second of all, consider some cache issue and wipe the cache partition

Maybe you haven’t noticed but sometimes, when the OnePlus 6 internet is slow, it’s not actually because of the internet but because of the entire device. Do you feel that even the apps that don’t require an internet connection are having lags and moving slower than usual? Then that issue, together with the slow internet lag, could be caused by a cache problem.

Use the Wipe Cache Partition option in Recovery Mode to give the system cache a good refresh. Do not worry, this will not alter your data in any way, everything is safe – just follow the instructions on how to clear OnePlus 6 phone cache and you’ll be ok.


Third of all, use a dedicated app to scan your OnePlus 6 for malware

At this point, you can begin to suspect that something that came from outside caused your smartphone to behave like that. We’re obviously talking about some kind of malware and you can check it out with a free anti-virus app, ready to download from the Play Store with just a few clicks. In case that the anti-virus picks up some threats, consider either clearing all your cache and data or even running a factory reset of the OnePlus 6. Needless to say, for any of these actions you should back up all your files so you won’t lose your important information.


Last but not least, don’t be afraid to ask for some technical support

When not even that factory reset made any difference in your slow internet lag on OnePlus 6, the device must be taken to an authorized service for some professional technical support. You don’t have to like it and you will probably have to pay for it if the warranty is out of date, but it’s the only thing left for you.

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