OnePlus 6: Split Screen View And Multi Window – Guide

The names of Split Screen View and Multi Window Mode are probably familiar to you, even if you’ve just started to use a OnePlus 6 device. All kinds of smartphones include this option and the reasons are more than obvious – users really need it and appreciate the opportunity of being able to run two apps at the same time, on the same screen. The only problem left is knowing what it takes to start enjoying it because none of them comes active by default.


Before you can turn on the Multi Window mode…

Your OnePlus 6 must have this option enabled from its Settings. Once this mandatory condition is fulfilled, you will be able to use the Split Screen View and the Multi Window mode whenever you want, as long as the apps you’re intending to use will support it. The specific instructions for enabling this mode are:

  1. Go to the Settings center – swipe from top to bottom, on the Home Screen, to extend the Notification Shade and hit the Settings gear;
  2. Select the Device menu and look through its options for the one labeled as Multi Window;
  3. Select the Multi Window and its toggle will automatically switch from Off to On;
  4. Only check the “Open In Multi Window View” option if you want any content to open in Multi Window by default.


After you have officially enabled the Multi Window on your OnePlus 6…

First of all, you can tell that the mode is active by the appearance of a grey semicircle on the screen. If you select it and try to move it around, you’ll see that you can and that this action is actually changing the amount of space dedicated to the two apps that will run in the Split Screen View.

From now on, suffices to launch the apps you need to use. Select one icon and drag it in one half of the screen and do the same with the other app. Resize the two windows for the two apps, using the grey semicircle, in any way you need. And enjoy using the Split Screen View with the Multi Window mode on your OnePlus 6.


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