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OnePlus 6 Texting Issues (Solution)

Texting issues have also been reported by new OnePlus 6 users. Therefore, you might want to find out how you can fix this frustrating issue. The OnePlus 6 texting issues include not being able to send text messages to your contacts. This could be caused by two different issues.

To begin with, your OnePlus 6 might not receive a text message if the sender used an iPhone to send the message. Again, you might not be able to text a person who uses non-Apple phones including Windows, Android, and also Blackberry because the texts are sent as iMessage.

The above issues occur if you have been using iMessage on your iPhone and moved the same Sim card to the OnePlus 6 without deactivating iMessage. In addition, the iPhone users might be sending you a text message in the iMessage mode. In this article, we will feature how you can eliminate those two issues for getting text messages on OnePlus 6.


The Procedure For Eliminating Text Message Delivery Issues On OnePlus 6 

  1. Remove the Sim card from your OnePlus 6 and insert it back to the iPhone
  2. Ensure your phone has an internet connection
  3. Open the Settings view and click on messages to turn the iMessage off.
  4. This will eliminate the issue of not receiving text messages.


In case you don’t have access to your previous iPhone, you can open the Deregister iMessage page and use it to turn off the iMessage. Open the page, on the bottom select the “no longer using iPhone” and below the option type your number, select your region and click send the code. Enter the code received in the confirmation box and submit. You should be able to receive texts from iPhone users.


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