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OnePlus 6: Turn OFF App Auto Updates

For anyone who has a OnePlus 6 phone, knowing how to switch off auto updates option is not a bad idea. The hard part of stopping auto updates of your phone app is that you may like to have absolute control on which app updates automatically and which one don’t.

For some people, it is the auto updates notifications on OnePlus 6 phone that pisses them off. Whatever the case may be, below are the ways to switch ON and OFF auto app updates from Play Store on your smartphone.

By and large, the process of setting up your OnePlus 6 auto updates options is not as difficult as it seems. The good thing is that OnePlus 6 owners can even choose to auto-update phone apps only when they are on Wi-Fi. This will help reduce data usage on the smartphone.


Should automatic app updates on OnePlus 6 be ON or OFF?

Well, the ball is in your court. Generally, new or casual android users are advised to leave auto app updates switched on. This will not only help stop annoying auto-update notifications but also prevent the apps from misbehaving since they may not remember to update them.

When automatic app update is turned on, you might not know the new app features. The reason is that you might not get the chance to read new app features before the apps are installed. You will only observe changes to popular applications such as YouTube, Facebook or even your games.



How to enable or disable auto-app updates on OnePlus 6

Whenever you want to turn on or off auto app updates on OnePlus 6 phone, you’ll have to go to Google Play Store to set it up. Below are the steps to follow to switch automatic app updates ON and OFF:

  1. Switch on your smartphone
  2. Select the Google Play Store icon
  3. Tap the 3 lines close to the “Play tore “ to reveal the menu
  4. Once the menu appears, click on settings
  5. Under “General Settings”, tap “Auto-update apps”
  6. Here you can choose either “Do not auto-update app) or “automatically update apps” based on your choice.


Of note is that if auto-update app on OnePlus 6 phone is off, you will be notified from time to time that your apps should be updated.


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