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OnePlus 6: Turn Safe Mode ON Or OFF

In case you encounter any troubleshooting issues on OnePlus 6, the Safe Mode feature enables you to access the operating system that has the default software. You can also utilize the Safe Mode on OnePlus 6 keeps restarting or if any installed apps fail to work.

If you are unaware what Safe Mode really is, know that is an environment in the OnePlus 6 where users can securely remove bugs or uninstall applications. Whenever you notice a particular app seems to be creating a mess and you fail to uninstall is the best excellent time to try Safe Mode on OnePlus 6. In that instance, you will just switch to OnePlus 6 safe mode and then, easily uninstall whatever harmful thing that exists on your device.

Once you fix whatever necessary issues, let your OnePlus 6 get out of Safe Mode so that it returns to normal like any other smartphone you can use. Here are some useful instructions on how to turn on Safe Mode as well as to get OnePlus 6 off Safe Mode.


How To Turn On Safe Mode In OnePlus 6:

  1. Turn the OnePlus 6 on.
  2. Press and hold together the Power/Lock button until the “OnePlus 6″ logo appears.
  3. As soon as you see the logo, release the Power button as you immediately hold the Volume Down button.
  4. Continue to hold the Volume Down button until the rebooting process is over.
  5. A “Safe Mode” label will show up on the screen’s bottom left corner.
  6. After you see it, release the Volume Down button
  7. Later, press the Power/Lock key and then, touch Restart to exit “Safe Mode”.


The crucial thing to grasp is that when the OnePlus 6 in Safe Mode, you can willingly disable all or some third-party apps and services before getting your OnePlus 6 out of Safe Mode. The feature will allow you to enter into the gadget at a faster rate, enable or disable the things you want and later restart your phone.



How To Get OnePlus 6 Out Of Safe Mode:

  1. Once you are done with the safe mode on the OnePlus 6, restart it so that it reverts back to Normal Mode.
  2. Afterward, Enter the recovery mode.
  3. Lastly, Remove the smartphone’s battery, wait for 5 minutes and put it back.


There are a few OnePlus models that may need you to press and hold the Volume Down button during startup for it to exit Safe Mode just the way you would enable it.

Although the discussed instructions can allow you enter “Safe Mode” on the OnePlus 6, it can also help in other phone booting circumstances. For instance, you can also use it to get to the safe mode to troubleshoot individual issues so as to fix such issues.

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