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OnePlus 6: Turning Data ON And OFF – Guide

Did you know that, even when you think you’re not using the internet, the apps from your OnePlus 6 might actually be doing it? When the screen is locked and you hear the notification of an incoming email, your smartphone used the internet connection to push that notification through. The same goes for the daily lifestyle and social networking apps. And to top it off, there are all kinds of other apps that might be searching for updates in the background.

So, no, just because you’re not actively and deliberately using the mobile data on OnePlus 6, it doesn’t mean that the mobile data isn’t used. That is why many people would recommend you to manually enable and disable data, as you see fit. When you don’t need it or when you’re traveling abroad and you’re stressed about the extra costs, make sure you turn data off on OnePlus 6 and everything will be just fine.

And even if you’re not traveling that much but your data plan is limited, by doing so, you no longer have to worry at the end of the month that your carrier will charge you extra for exceeding the limits.

If we have convinced you about the importance of knowing how to activate and how to deactivate the mobile data, how about some actual instructions on turning data on and off in OnePlus 6?


To turn mobile data On/Off on OnePlus 6 you must:

  1. Access the Settings menu of your smartphone;
  2. Go to Data Usage and identify the Mobile Data entry;
  3. You’ll see, next to Mobile Data, a toggle that is now probably set to On;
  4. Tap on it to switch it to Off;
  5. Confirm the action by tapping the OK button and leave the settings.


Naturally, the same steps will be taken whenever you want to turn the Mobile Data back on. Find that toggle, tap it, change its status, and you’ve successfully turned data On/Off on OnePlus 6.

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