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OnePlus 6: Turning OFF And ON Autocorrect

The Autocorrect on OnePlus 6 is an enhancement feature for typing. Wherever you write something, as long as you’re doing it with the stock keyboard and you have this feature turned on, it will help you to fix typos and spelling mistakes on the go.

Of course, it can sometimes go wrong and probably make you want to get rid of it. Whatever you want for the moment, let us show you how to get OnePlus 6 autocorrect off or on.


Where can you find OnePlus 6 Autocorrect option?

Regardless if you want to turn it On or Off for OnePlus 6, you can do it from the same place, which is the Settings window of your keyboard. That’s right, the Autocorrect being a typing-related feature, you can tweak it from the settings of the keyboard. How do you get there, you wonder?

  1. Turn your smartphone on;
  2. Launch any app where you have the option to type, so you can use the keyboard;
  3. Tap and hold the Dictation Key, the one right from the left side of the Space Bar;
  4. Hit the settings gear once it shows up;
  5. Find the Smart Typing submenu within the keyboard settings;
  6. Select the option Predictive Text to change the status of its toggle.


If the option was disabled, by selecting it you will automatically turn it on and the other way around. As a side note, however, if our instructions don’t seem to match with what you’re seeing on your device, it must be because you no longer use the default keyboard, right? We have to say, for third-party keyboards things could be more or less different.

Now that you’ve seen how simple it is to turn the OnePlus 6 Autocorrect On and Off on , maybe you’d like to take the time and test some other options from the Smart Typing section, like punctuation and auto-capitalization or whatever else you find in there.

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